Lucky Charms Is Finally Letting You Buy Just the Marshmallows

This time last year, Lucky Charms announced it was finally selling bags of marshmallows after years of fan desire. The problem then was the fact the marshmallows weren't actually the same ones found in the cereal — rather, they were regular, fluffy marshmallows taking the shape and designs of the iconic cereal sugary goodness. Now, the team at General Mills is stopping at nothing to finally give the fans what they want.

Finally, the Lucky Charms brand will be releasing a marshmallows-only product available nationwide at participating retailers in the coming weeks. Though marshmallows-only items have been available in the past through various promotional opportunities, this will be the first time the masses can walk into a big box or grocery store in pick up the marshmallow-only pouches. Just Magical Marshmallows, as the new product is called, comes in a 6-ounce pouch and carries a suggested retail price of $3.99, though that may change depending on the location.

It's important to note Just Magical Marshmallows aren't a permanent offering. While it will be available nationwide, they're only going to be for sale for a limited time while supplies last.

“Lucky Charms is the only magical marshmallow cereal and I’m so excited to see that families across the country helped bring the magic back,” Lucky Charms brand manager Mindy Murray said in a press release. “To thank our fans for helping us restore this magic, we’re celebrating the launch of the Just Magical Marshmallows with a spectacle that embodies the magic of Lucky Charms.”

In addition to Just Magical Marshmallows, the Lucky Charms brand is doing in-person marketing stunts in both Los Angeles and New York over the course of the next week. Though exact details aren't available, the cereal brand is suggesting fans in Hollywood look toward the Hollywood Hills at lunchtime on August 31st and toward the sky in New York City on September 1st.