Man Wielding Plunger Leads New Area 51 Storming Attempt

The Area 51 antics have not subsided, but this is probably one of the more entertaining storming [...]

The Area 51 antics have not subsided, but this is probably one of the more entertaining storming attempts from the event. Around 3 a.m. a small group of people "stormed" the gates as guards watched and stood in front of the gate itself. This group was pretty fun to watch as several of them mimicked Naruto's trademark run, but the real highlight was the person leading the charge. That would be Gary Winthorpe, who clad in a white fur jacket, neck brace, and trucker hat lifted a plunger high above his head and led the storming effort. Flanked by the Naruto styled runners, it was kind of hilarious, and you can watch the group in action below.

Granted, they didn't get through and ended up stopping right before the barricade, but it was still rather entertaining. Winthorpe and the others who ran towards the gate numbered about 5, but there was a larger group of 100 people set up outside of the gates. Winthorpe told FOX 5 KVVU-TV what he hoped to achieve by showing up to the event.

"We came out here to raid Area 51 and find the truth about what they're hiding," Winthorpe said. "We don't know if it's aliens, we don't know if it's time travel, we don't know if there's minions in there."

To be honest, now I really want there to be Minions in there, but I digress.

Winthorpe was actually a little disappointed in the event, as many of the people who showed up weren't actually trying to storm Area 51 but were more interested in filming those who were. That meant most of the people weren't actually doing anything.

"It was a bunch of millennials that came out," Winthorpe said. "They all came out with their camera just trying to vlog the whole thing so nobody ended up storming. It was kind of lame."

Despite Friday being a bust, Winthorpe plans on returning today, saying "I say there's a pretty big chance they stop all of us but there's a small chance we make it out."

"These guys are risking their lives out here just so you can find out the truth about aliens," Winthorpe said. "So I like to think of them as all heroes out here." He was also asked whether he thinks of himself as a hero. "I do," Winthorpe said. "I'm going to hold this plunger up, everyone's going to follow me, and we're all going to go in together."