MTN DEW Reveals Baja Blast Air Fresheners

The 100 Days of Baja are underway and MTN DEW has unveiled two new Baja Blast-adjacent flavors. In addition to the arrival of Baja Punch and Baja Flash, the drink-maker is hosting a massive promotion over the next three months — one that will bring forth a series of Baja Blast-scented air fresheners.

An exact release date hasn't been revealed for Baja Island: Summer Room Scents, but a press release distributed by the DEW team suggests the scents will be available to anyone who purchases Baja Blast-themed merchandise on the DEW Store website using a special code. That code is going to be distributed through official DEW social channels in the coming days.

One scent will be available for every Baja Blast flavor — a lime-scented room scent for the main flavor profile, a pineapple and coconut scent for Baja Flash, and an orange and cherry scent for Baja Punch.

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Throughout the entire promotion, DEW drinks can also take the codes found under specially-marked Baja Blast bottles and redeem them on for various prizes. One lucky winner will even walk away with a $100,000 grand prize.


The promotion doesn't even stop there, as MTN DEW and Taco Bell have teamed up for an exclusive new apparel line inspired by the chain's new Baja Colada Freeze. Designed by BAIT, the limited merchandise will be available only through the NTWRK app.

All of the new DEW flavors should now be available wherever soda is sold.