No, Kevin Smith Is Not Giving Away $20,000

Kevin Smith is a busy man with many projects ranging from his multiple Mooby's Pop-Up locations and the new Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash to writing new follow-ups to his classic films Clerks and Mallrats. While Smith has certainly been generous in the past, we're sorry to report the director has no plans to give away $20,000. If you see something of the sort floating around Facebook, it's a scam. Smith responded to a couple of tweets about the supposed giveaway today and revealed the funny reason why fans should know it's a fake.

"Hey @ThatKevinSmith didn't know you were being so generous lol ill gladly take 20k off your hands if so lol," @ibandamonium tweeted. "SCAM! This is not me! (But if the scammers were good at their jobs, the prize would have been $27,575.)," Smith replied. "@ThatKevinSmith I don't know if you know about this, but someone on Facebook is pretending to be you and promising to 'give away' $20,000. I'm assuming it's a scam and not actually you! Thought you should know," @drewhird85 tweeted. "Dear
@Facebook: This is a SCAM! This is not me. Please spread the word or delete. (See, if the scammers were any good at their jobs, the prize would have been $27,575 - the budget of Clerks. That shit might've fooled even me!)," Smith added. You can view the tweets below:

In January, Smith revealed that he finished writing the first draft of Clerks III. Smith has previously broken down the overall plot of Clerks III, and a tweet revealed that the new movie will (unsurprisingly) take place almost entirely at Quick Stop. The director also finished his script for Twilight of the Mallrats, which he hopes to film sometime this year. Lately, Smith has also been sharing a lot of memories from the set of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which turns 20 this year!


Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is currently streaming on HBO Max.