Oreo Teams Up With Barefoot to Release Cookie-Inspired Wine

As pairings go, wine and chocolate are a classic and now Oreo and Barefoot Wine have teamed up to put a unique spin on that classic pairing. This week Oreo announced their collaboration with Barefoot, the number one U.S. wine brand for a small batch release of Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine, a wine inspired by the flavors of Oreo Thins and intended to be enjoyed with the cookies as a perfect pair.

The one-of-a kind wine red blend features flavors of chocolate and cookies and creme — that's right, Oreo cookie flavors — along with notes of oak. The red blend also has aromas of chocolate with natural flavors of blackberry and dark cherries and is described as having a smooth and lingering finish.

"Everyone knows that red wine pairs well with chocolate, but Oreo Thins and America's most-loved wine, Barefoot Wine, are collaborating to take this classic combination to a whole new delicious level," brand manager for Oreo Sydney Kranzmann said in a statement. "With their light texture, delicate crunch, and touch of creme filling, Oreo Thins cookies have always been the perfect Oreo cookie for adults so we are excited to showcase a new grown-up pairing with Barefoot Wine. We can't wait for our Oreo Thins fans (21+ of course!) to enjoy their favorite cookies with this rich and chocolatey flavored Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine."

"We are very excited to partner with Oreo Thins to create our very first cookie-inspired wine, Jen Wall, Barefoot Wine Maker since 1995 said. "Barefoot Wine is a brand that stands for fun, flavor, and expressiveness — all values that Oreo Thins upholds as well. We had such a great time exploring the different flavor combinations, ultimately pairing the signature flavors of Oreo Thins cookies with a blend of our bright, berry-flavored red wine."

If the Oreo Thins x Barefoot Red Blend Wine pairing is something you want to try out for yourself, this is what you need to know. The small batch release will be available to the public starting December 9th exclusively on BarefootWine.com/OREOTHINS. Each deliver includes 2 bottles of 750ml Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine, and one packages of Oreo Thins cookies for $24.99, while supplies last. You must be over the age of 21 to purchase.

Interestingly, this isn't the first unique wine creation we've gotten in 2021. Earlier this year, Grey Poupon released their own limited-edition wine, La Moutarde Vin, a white wine infused with Grey Poupon mustard seeds.

Will you be checking out the Oreo Thins x Barefoot Red Blend Wine? Let us know in the comments.