Pete Davidson No Longer on Blue Origin's Next Space Flight

Pete Davidson will no longer be on Blue Origin's next space flight. The Saturday Night Live star was a headliner of the upcoming New Shephard launch. Instead of taking place this week, it will now occur on March 29th. Blue Origin tweeted about the launch getting pushed on Twitter, but then had to include the bad news about the comedian. It's been a whirlwind couple of months for the SNL star as he's been dating Kim Kardashian and been stalked by Kanye West. Escaping to space might have provided a bit of respite from all the Internet drama. Now, the Jeff Bezos-backed company will have to find someone else to be a part of the crew. It seems like there will be another celebrity to fill that seat. (Or maybe just a rich person seeing as how that sizable price tag pretty much eliminates the possibility of a normal person getting up there.)

"Blue Origin's 20th flight of New Shepard has shifted to Tuesday, March 29," the company wrote on Twitter. "Pete Davidson is no longer able to join the NS-20 crew on this mission. We will announce the sixth crew member in the coming days."

Blue Origin described their journey, "Blue Origin today announced the crew flying on its upcoming NS-20 flight on March 23 will include Marty Allen, Pete Davidson, husband and wife duo Sharon and Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen, and Dr. George Nield. This mission is the fourth human flight for the New Shepard program and the 20th in its history."

"Live launch coverage begins on at T-60 minutes. Liftoff is currently targeted for 8:30 a.m. CDT / 13:30 UTC from Launch Site One in West Texas. Each astronaut on board NS-20 will carry a postcard to space on behalf of Blue Origin's foundation, Club for the Future, whose Postcards to Space program gives students access to space on Blue Origin's rockets. The Club's mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM for the benefit of Earth."

Here's how Blue Origin lays out the New Shepard shuttlecraft. "Named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, the first American to go to space, New Shepard is our reusable suborbital rocket system designed to take astronauts and research payloads past the Kármán line – the internationally recognized boundary of space. Whether you are an astronaut flying with Blue Origin or sending a payload to space, your 11-minute flight on New Shepard will be the experience of a lifetime."

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