Ryan Reynolds Releases New Satan & 2020 Match Ad

The king of strange and hilarious commercials has done it again, and this new venture might just be his funniest effort yet. On Wednesday, Ryan Reynolds and his Maximum Effort company released a new ad for the Match.com dating service, in which Satan and the year 2020 used the app, fell in love, and caused chaos around the world. It's a very funny commercial that everyone can chuckle at after the ridiculous year we've experienced, and Reynolds has already hopped onto social media to release a sequel.

Just a day after releasing the first Match ad, Reynolds returned with the follow-up, which sees Stan and 2020 living their "happy" life together. 2020 says she has dated much worse guys than Satan, and things only seem to spiral from there. But hey, at least the Match app worked out for them! Take a look at the new ad below.

This commercial helps highlight the Custom Search Filter feature on Match, as Satan explains how that tool helped him find his dream partner. Of course, he filtered out things that most of us probably want in a relationship.

"I filtered out joy, happiness, toilet paper, and reason," Satan says in the video. "Most years I've dated are, I don't know, a little straightforward? I mean, there's a little misery, but nothing truly soul-crushing about them."

As for 2020, she just wants to be remembered. After the last 11 months that we've lived through, it's hard to think that anyone will forget 2020.

"I just wanna be remembered, you know? Do you know the poem 'The Road Less Traveled' by Shakespeare," 2020 asks. "I actually have a tattoo of it."


No, "The Road Less Traveled" wasn't written Shakespeare. Yes, the bit about the tattoo makes that joke infinitely funnier.

Sadly for all of us, Satan and 2020 are a match made in hell, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few more of these commercials to laugh at. And who knows, maybe 2021 really will be our year.