Subway Lawsuit Argues Restaurant’s Tuna Isn’t Actually Tuna

A new Subway restaurant lawsuit argues that the chain’s tuna isn’t actually tuna. Two Bay Area [...]

A new Subway restaurant lawsuit argues that the chain's tuna isn't actually tuna. Two Bay Area residents, Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin, are plaintiffs in the complaint according to The Washington Post. Basically, their representation is claiming that the fish is more of "a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna," according to the complaint. They've gone so far as to have independent lab tests on "multiple samples" taken from select Subways in California. It's a wild story and another weird instance where someone is claiming that a menu item isn't what the restaurant says it is. However, the sandwich chain isn't taking those kinds of accusations lightly. They're trying not to have this entire thing heat up and make a big stink. Check out what the complaint says about this tuna situation down below.

In short, they told The Post, "We found that the ingredients were not tuna and not fish."

The lawsuit reads, "Consumers are consistently misled into purchasing the products for the commonly known and/or advertised benefits and characteristics of tuna when in fact no such benefits could be had, given that the products are in fact devoid of tuna."

Subway responded to the claims with a statement of their own. Katia Noll, a senior director for global food safety and quality for the restaurant had some comments for The Post.

"Tuna is one of our most popular sandwiches. Our restaurants receive pure tuna, mix it with mayonnaise and serve on a freshly made sandwich to our guests," she explained.

For now, the plaintiffs seem focused on getting compensation and reimbursement of their attorney's fees. But, as another measure, they would like Subway to now correctly label tuna sandwiches. They're also asking the chain to give up the profits it earned from the mislabeled items. For now, it's a quirky story, but if they prevail, it would be a strange day for the home of the five-dollar footlong sandwich.

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