The Rock Shares Hilarious Video of His Mom Being “Evil” on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all! This mom-filled holiday has brought us a lot of cute content on social media, especially from our favorite celebrities. We've seen some fun posts from Marvel stars, including Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. It's hard to choose the best post of the day, but Dwyane Johnson AKA The Rock is definitely a top contender. The wrestler-turned-actor took to Instagram today to share a hilarious video of his mom being her "evil" self.

"In honor of Mother’s Day here’s my sweet/evil 😇😈 mom @atajohnson pushing our fully clothed family friend in the pool. Disregard my evil, approving laugh 💀 Happy Mamas Day to ALL the amazing moms out there - we love you! And to my mom who, despite her wicked ways, is truly the NICEST and most LOVING woman in the world. Just don’t cross her, as she’ll lay the smack down on all your candy asses 👋🏾 😂 #happymothersday❤️," Johnson wrote. "There wouldn't be a Johnson birthday party without a little action going on," he adds in the video with a laugh. You can check out the post below:

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This isn't Johnson's only recent post featuring his mother, Ata Johnson. Yesterday, Johnson explained on Instagram that the scene featuring his real-life mom in the season finale of Young Rock was unscripted. In the scene, they talk about Johnson’s father, who passed away last year. The series has been chronicling various stages of The Rock's life, culminating in his fictional run for the presidency. Multiple actors have played Johnson and his family in the series, but the present-day scenes star Johnson as himself.

"Here’s our final (unscripted) scene of our season finale of #YoungRock," Johnson wrote. "In this moment, I went with my gut (and off-script) and told my mom that I wished dad could’ve been here to see where we’re at right now. My dad died suddenly 18 months ago, January 2020. You can see my mom look down, really pause and try her best to keep composure. I’m proud of her for being as real as it gets in this moment. After 35yrs of marriage, she divorced my dad back in the mid-2000’s — but the truth is she never stopped loving that man. I think she’s right... our lost loved ones are always here with us. Their spirits. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for allowing my wild life’s journey into your homes every week. Just scratching the surface. I’ll see you for SEASON 2."

The first season of Young Rock is currently available to stream on Peacock.