Vikings Star Alexander Ludwig Announces Engagement

The Hunger Games actor Alexander Ludwig (who played the District 2 Tribute Cato in the first film) announced on Instagram this weekend that he and his girlfriend Lauren Dear have gotten engaged. Both marked the occasion with posts on social media, including a series of photos showing off the ring, with the caption "Goldilocks and Bambi live happily ever after." In a separate post on his Instagram story, Ludwig responded to the well wishes and congratulations from co-stars and fans, adding: "Thank you to everyone for all the amazing well wishes. Yes I am the luckiest Man in the damn world to have this one by my side."

Ludwig's career has been a long one with many varied stops along the way. In 2007 he lead the feature adaptation of The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, one many adaptations in Hollywood looking to compete with the Harry Potter franchise but turning into a non-starter, and followed that up with the 2009 Race to Witch Mountain starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He would then go on to star in The Hunger Games (killed on screen by Katniss and Peta in one of the movie's more gruesome sequences).

The role that Ludwig is best known for however for many is playing the part of Bjorn in Vikings on The History Channel. Last year it was confirmed that the hit series would be returning for a sixth and final season, split into two parts, with the first batch of episodes concluding earlier this year in February. The series ended on a bit of a cliffhanger as Ludwig's character was stabbed, but no death was confirmed just yet. Ten episodes remain in the series however and it's scheduled to return sometime next year.

He's already lined up his next gig though and is set to star opposite Stephen Amell for the upcoming Starz series Heels, a new show which will center around the world of independent professional wrestling. Ludwig will take on the part of "Ace Spade," the brother to Amell's character, btoh of whom are fighting over their late father's legacy in the world of small-town pro wrestling. His character is described as follows:

"In the ring, Ludwig's Ace Spade is the beloved hero and star of the DWA. Things are more difficult in the real world, where he struggles to reconcile his town idol status with his insecurities and demons. He's brash, cocky and self-destructive — yet so damn charming and good-looking that you can almost forgive him. If he can keep it together, he'll have a ticket out of Duffy and to the big time. But that's a big if."


Production on that series is ongoing, so Ludwig has some time before the wedding bells will ring. We wish the happy couple many years together.

(H/T E! Online)