New UFO Clip Captured by Airline Pilot Raises New Questions

A new clip released by Discovery+'s UFO Witness has skeptics and believers alike scratching their head. In the viral clip, pilots can be heard speaking with air traffic controllers while reporting a handful of unidentified flying objects. In one moment, a pilot radios the nearest tower to inquire about strangely flying craft.

"We've got a few aircraft to our north here and he's going around in circles, much higher altitude than us. Any idea what they are," former fighter jet pilot Mark Hulsey asked the tower. Hulsey was piloting a charter jet just off the coast of Los Angeles at the time, reported to be the night of August 18. The controller can be heard confused as to what the craft could possibly be.

Over the next half hour, one craft turned into three, and three crafts turned into seven. "They just keep going in circles. I was an F-18 pilot in the Marine Corps, and I'm telling you, I've done many intercepts, I've never seen anything like this," said in the recording.

The clip has since been released by UFO Witness, hosted by former FBI agent Ben Hansen, who obtained the recordings through a Freedom of Information Act request.

"Many of these pilots are very confident that the lights were not just going in one direction, but in both directions, which is very unusual for satellites," Hansen said in an interview with the Daily Mail. " In Mark's case they would go from the north and then actually go above his craft, where he had to crane his neck to see them from the canopy."

Hansen adds that over a dozen flights saw the same phenomenon on the August night.

"It was seen by upwards of 15 different commercial flights. And at least six pilots are willing to go on record with their names and everything if asked to do so by any investigative agencies," Hansen added. "In this case, we have a global phenomena from as far west as Japan, to as far east as possibly Miami. Whatever it is, pilots are seeing it from halfway across the world."

Coincidentally enough, shortly after the sightings were first reported, the Navy said it would stop releasing UFO/UAP clips as it now posed threats to national security measures.

"The UAP Task Force has responded back to DNS-36 and have stated that the requested videos contain sensitive information pertaining to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and are classified and are exempt from disclosure in their entirety under exemption 5 U.S.C. § 552 (b)(1) in accordance with Executive Order 13526 and the UAP Security Classification Guide," Gary Cason, deputy director of the Navy's FOIA office, said in a letter earlier this year. "The release of this information will harm national security as it may provide adversaries valuable information regarding Department of Defense/Navy operations, vulnerabilities, and/or capabilities. No portions of the videos can be segregated for release."

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