Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Teaser Revealed

Good Morning America is offering Walt Disney World fans a look at what the resort’s 50th Anniversary will look like tomorrow. Friday morning will be a fun one on ABC as Disney ramps up its efforts to celebrate the milestone at an inconvenient time. The celebration had been in the works for a while, as anyone who has been hunting the merchandise will tell you. However, when the coronavirus pandemic settled in, things weren’t looking so hot. Down in Florida, people have been adamant about having their day at the resort. So many people have been jockeying for positioning with the possible reopening of the park, some of them may have forgotten about the anniversary entirely. Hopefully, some of them can get an idea of how life at The Happiest Place on Earth has shifted a bit, while retaining the magic. Check out the teaser down below:

On an Investor Call recently, Disney CEO Bob Chapek talked about the projections around getting back to normal. He thinks it might take a little while, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

“Yeah, I won’t specifically comment on whether we anticipate getting to 2019 revenues by 2022. But I will tell you what our expectations are in terms of the state of the world by then,” Chapek said. “We have no doubt, and when we reopen up in parks that were closed or increase the capacity, that we’ll have some level of social distancing and mask-wearing for the remainder of this year. That’s our expectation. But, I believe that Dr. Fauci said earlier today that he hopes that there are vaccines for everyone who wants them by April this year. If that happens, that is a game-changer.”

He continued, “And that could accelerate our expectations, and give people the confidence that they need to come back to the parks. Will there be overlap until we know that we have herd immunity? Sure there will. But do we believe we’ll be in the same state of 6-foot social distance and mask-wearing in 22? Absolutely not”

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