Funko Uses Wrong Castle for Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Figures

Funko is selling Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary figures, but Disney fans have pointed out that two of the figures feature the wrong iconic park castle. Yesterday, Funko announced a line of Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary figures featuring several Disney characters riding iconic rides like Space Mountain or Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Included in the line of figures are two variants of Mickey Mouse packaged with what's billed as Cinderella Castle, the iconic structure at the heart of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. There's only one problem with the Cinderella Castle being sold by Funko - it's not actually Cinderella Castle. 

As seen up above, the castle is clearly a re-colored version of Funko's Sleeping Beauty Castle, which was previously sold as part of a 65th anniversary celebration for Disneyland. While the castle uses the rose-colored walls and gold trim that was used to glow-up Cinderella Castle ahead of Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary, everything else about the castle is clearly Sleeping Beauty Castle. Notably, Cinderella Castle lacks a central window, the spires are different, and the castle itself looms over the exterior much more than Sleeping Beauty Castle does. A trained Disney eye can clearly see that Funko used the same mold for both Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle and hoped that no one could tell the difference. 

Plenty of Disney fans have pointed out the error to Funko on social media, but Funko has yet to comment whether they plan to correct the error or not. It was still available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth and here on Amazon at the time of writing, but it might not last long. It's possible that Funko is banking on collectors of the popular POP! line to outnumber the Disney sticklers who expect people to know that Disneyland and Walt Disney World have entirely different castles. 


For those who want to visit Cinderella Castle in person, Walt Disney World's 50th celebration is in full swing. Not only have all four parks received upgrades and new attractions to celebrate the anniversary, Cinderella Castle is prominently featured in a brand new fireworks and light show that was created just to celebrate the park's anniversary.