Wendy's Is Making A Phone, Here's How To Get One

Wendy's is releasing a cell phone and tons of fans are wondering how to get their hands on one. Well, here's how you can receive one of Wendy's brand-new smartphones. First things first, you're going to have to be a resident of Canada. This is a promotion unique to their country and market. So, people in the United States, European countries, and other locales need not apple. Once that is all settled, you would need to click on the link to their website we've got right here. This site will explain some more of the process to download the app. By downloading the Wendy's app, you get a direct line to register for the giveaway. Then, you have to login to your account (or sign up for a new account) and follow the instructions down below:

1) "Simply login to the Wendy's app on your current Non-Wendy's phone then (heart) your favourite Wendy's order and take a screenshot."

2) "Post the screenshot to Twitter saying something like "Hey, Wendy give me a #Wendysphone" and add #Contest."

3) "That's it. A winner will be selected every day. Follow Wendy's Canada on Twitter for details."

A pretty simple process, but remember that this only applies to Wendy's app users in Canada. People outside of the country can still watch all of this wildness unfold on social media. You can even look at the announcement Tweet down below for another look at their very red phone.

"For the chance to get yours, download the Wendy's app, and screenshot your favorite Wendy's order, then Tweet it out with #WendysPhone and #Contest. You can try again every day. Learn more about the phone here:"

The company is saying that their phone is pretty standard in the description on their site. "The Wendy's phone features an integrated GPS navigation system, to Wendy's, as well as ample battery life to watch Wendy's ads, order Wendy's and watch videos while eating Wendy's. No additional subscription required. Just add your sim card with your active wireless plan and you're good"

Would you want a special Wendy's phone? Let us know in the comments!