Peter Griffin Becomes Deadpool in 'Family Guy's 300th Episode

Family Guy pulled out all the stops for its landmark 300th episode, including turning Peter Griffin into the foulest-mouthed mutant to ever don a super-suit.

In last night's new episode, one scene saw the Family Guy patriarch undergo a treatment that was supposed to give him powers. Instead, Peter contracted anal cancer, and decided to become a hero by the name of "Red Stool," obviously taking a stab at Deadpool.

As Peter explains what has happened to him, he is suddenly attacked by a group of mercenaries on a bridge, and goes into full Deadpool mode.

Wearing the Marvel character's costume, with a few added curves, Peter starts spinning in the air with his guns, just as Deadpool did in the movie. In the background, a new version of "Angel in the Morning" is playing. However, unlike the classic song that plays in the Deadpool film, this song says, "Just call me anus of the morning, anus."

Peter goes on to tear apart the men shooting at him, clipping a couple of them with bullets and decapitating another with the two Katanas found on his back. And, just like Deadpool, Peter totally sticks the landing when he's finished.

This entire scene comes after Peter meets someone dressed as Boo-Berry, the popular cereal mascot. He says that meeting the character is the best thing that's happened to him since he underwent treatment to become a wise-cracking superhero.

You can watch the full Peter Griffin/Deadpool scene in the video above, and you fan find Family Guy's 300th episode on-demand.

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Family Guy at 9:00 PM EST on FOX

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