Exclusive Marvel Agent Venom Funko Pops Are Live


Are you feeling lucky? If so, you need to grab Funko's new Agent Venom Pop figure immediately because, first and foremost, it's absolutely amazing. It also has a white Agent Anti-Venom Chase variant that will ship randomly to very, very lucky customers.

The Marvel Agent Venom Pop is a Pop in a Box exclusive that you can only get right here. There's a limit of 3 per customer, but a sell out is inevitable, so reserve one while you can. It's expected to ship out in August.


On a related note, Hasbro recently released Fan Channel exclusive Agent Anti-Venom 6-inch figure that can be pre-ordered right here for $22.99 with shipping slated for November. It appears to be a repaint of a Walgreens exclusive Agent Venom figure that was released back in 2014. You can find that figure on eBay.

If you're unfamiliar with Agent Venom, Pop in a Box has a pretty thorough description on their Pop figure product page:

"In school, Eugene “Flash” Thompson was a classmate and bully of Peter Parker, but a big fan of Spider-Man. After university, inspired by Spidey’s heroism, he joined the United States Army and lost his legs after saving his partner from enemy forces.

Affected by this loss, Flash Thompson enlisted in Project Rebirth, a secretive operation that merged captured symbiotes with soldiers, and so the super soldier Agent Venom was born from the legendary bond between Venom and Flash Thompson. Agent Venom has been said to be one of the best representations of the symbiote. Flash Thompson is a complicated and sometimes dark character, whose ideals and heroism often clash with his anger and despair.


After many years of adventures with his friend and partner, Agent Venom was separated from the symbiote by the FBI. After finding the symbiote again, Spider-man spilled artificial Anti-Venom on Flash, turning parts of the symbiote attached to Flash into Anti-Venom, the color-inverted version of Agent Venom, represented here as a rarer Chase Variant."

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