One Mutant Suffers a Fate Worse Than Death in House of X Finale

Has it really been 11 weeks already? Somehow, Jonathan Hickman's instantly classic X-Men relaunch for Marvel Comics, Dawn of X, is just seven days from coming to an end. One half of the franchise reset, House of X, concluded with issue #6 this week and laid the groundwork for the sovereign Mutant nation of Krakoa that had been established over the course of the series. A council of leadership was formed, laws were put in place, and the first Mutant trial was conducted. Somewhat surprisingly, it was revealed that Charles Xavier's new direction is much more straightforward than ever before, and breaking one of the simple Mutant laws will result in a fate worse than death. Such was the case for one long-running X-Men character after standing trial.

WARNING: This article contains Major Spoilers for House of X #6! Continue reading at your own risk...

Hickman played the long game with the story of Sabretooth throughout House of X. In the very first issue of the event, Cyclops attempted to get Sabretooth out of human control so he could stand trial in the soon-to-be-formed Mutant nation of Krakoa. That didn't work and Emma Frost eventually used her powers to take Sabretooth back. Once the council had been formed it established three laws for Mutantkind: Make More Mutants, Murder No Man, and Respect This Sacred Land. Sabretooth broke the second of these laws as Krakoa was being established, so he had to stand trial.

The council unanimously voted that Sabretooth was guilty and Xavier revealed the punishment. Since all Mutants that are killed are to be brought back to life using the resurrection pods, death is out of the question. And Xavier doesn't believe in having prisons on Krakoa. So he sentences Sabretooth to an eternity of stasis, existing deep within the heart of Krakoa where he will be able to think but unable to do a single thing. He'll simply exist, all alone, forever.

sabretooth house of x exile
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"You have been found guilty. And so you will be sentenced," Xavier told Sabretooth. "The problem -- however -- with sentencing you for your crimes is that we cannot send you back into the world. And as we tolerate no prisoners here on Krakoa, that leaves us with very few choices. Especially since capital solutions bring you into resurrection protocols. Instead, this will be your fate. Stasis...deep inside Krakoa. Alive but immobile...aware but unable to act on it. And for how long? Forever, Creed. For that is how long mutant justice lasts. Perhaps -- one day, a time might come when you have an opportunity to redeem yourself. But that time is not now, and until it is, you are exiled."


There will likely come a day when Sabretooth is freed from this entrapment, but don't expect it to come any time soon.

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