Alex Ross to Launch New Marvel Anthology Series

Legendary artist Alex Ross is returning to Marvel Comics for brand new project celebrating the [...]

Legendary artist Alex Ross is returning to Marvel Comics for brand new project celebrating the long-running legacy of the House of Ideas. But this time, he'll be getting the help of some of the best talent in the business to tell stories featuring some of the most popular superheroes. The anthology series will simply be called Marvel, and was just announced at MCM London. Ross will not only provide covers, along with the amazing Dan Brereton, but he'll also be curating talent to tell the stories found in the pages.

"This book, which is simply called Marvel, is a collection of short stories by unique and exceptional talents, including some who don't normally work with Marvel characters," Ross explained in a statement to ComicBook.

marvel anthology alex ross cover
(Photo: Alex Ross)

While there's no word on who exactly will be involved with the series at this point except for author Steve Darnall, who will help guide the overall storyline for the new anthology series.

Marvel Comics Senior Vice-President of Publishing Tom Brevoort teased that the new series will tell untold stories in the history of the Marvel Universe, revealing new details that fans have yet to see.

marvel anthology joe jusko cover 1
(Photo: Dan Brereton)

"The MARVEL Anthology that Alex Ross is curating is a cornucopia of tales spread across the whole of the Marvel Universe as visualized by some of the best artists and creators in the field," Brevoort said. "This series is very much an artist's showcase, with Alex bringing his discerning eye to the choice of collaborators, recruiting his favorite practitioners of the art to go to town on some of their mutual favorite characters. It's going to be a blast for the eyes!"

The second issue of the series will be a surprising sequel to Giant Size X-Men #1, telling a classic tale of the All-New, All-Different team of mutants that made their epic debut in the game-changing comic book decades ago.

marvel anthology joe jusko cover 2
(Photo: Dan Brereton)

Check out the details for the first issue of Alex Ross' Marvel below:

Marvel #1
Six-Issue Limited Series
Curated by Alex Ross
Alex Ross curates this series and brings in some of his favorite artists to work on characters that they love, all within the context of a new framing story produced with Steve Darnall!