Chris Evans Comments On Coronavirus Quarantine Life And Projects On Hold

Chris Evans is handling quarantine life, much how you'd expect him to, with his dogs and waiting for things to get back to normal. During a new interview with a Dutch publication the former Marvel Studios star gave an update on his life in quarantine. Thankfully a Chris Evans fan account,@cevanssweater, gave us a full translation of what the Captain America star shared. Things have slowed down for a lot of Hollywood stars. Evans is no exception to that as he's huddled up back in Massachusetts with his dog Dodger. Although it's a bit more relaxed, the Marvel actor isn't running from that. In fact, he called the new-found routine "monk-like" and argues that he has benefitted from the structure. As all of us spend time inside due to the coronavirus pandemic, adjusting has been most of the battle for people in America.

"I spend most of my time in the garden with my dog, or in the kitchen. My dog is clearly the big winner here," he laughs. "I'm trying to keep some routine in my day. I am someone who prefers to be at home, so I do not feel the urge to go outside every day. The vast majority of my free time now goes to reading books and to Dodger."

He continued, "And my sleeping pattern is also much better. I am usually in bed by 9:30 PM and I am awake at 7 AM. Every day again. It feelsz a bit like a monk's life, but that's the way I like it. The advantage is that I now have more time to organize my day neatly. I notice that I now get a lot more done and that I save a lot of valuable time because I am no longer constantly on the road."

When it comes to filming projects things have also changed for the Avenger too. Most productions have ground to a standstill because of the coronavirus and Marvel Studios has had to deal with that too. Evans has at least two other non-superhero projects in the pipeline, but those will have to wait.

"Everything is now officially on hold, yes, but the recordings are now simply moved to a later date. To be honest, I don't expect too many problems and I assume that we can just pick up the thread once the crisis is over. Both projects are still in their infancy, so no money or work has yet been lost," Evans said


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