Classic X-Men Villain Returns In Scarlet Spider

With characters like Jean Grey and Logan coming back into the picture, it makes sense a few villains would make their way back as well, though no one saw one making their return in Scarlet Spider.

Spoilers incoming for Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #12, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Ben Reilly finds himself facing down the Slingers, who have kidnapped Cassandra Mercury in hopes of getting him to turn himself into the police. Things don't go as planned against Scarlet Spider though, but that turns out to be the least of everyone's problems, as one of their own is revealed to be none other than Silas Burr, aka Cyber.

Yep, that Cyber and the Slingers nor Reilly seem to really understand what that means. Cyber is one of Logan's oldest enemies and is right up there with Sabertooth in terms of viciousness. Actually, he's probably even worse, and that's not even considering that he's sporting adamantium laced arms that can deflect just about anything.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

So bad news all around, but here is how his return played out.

As the Slingers, who are made up of Prodigy, Dusk, Ricochet, and the Hornet, attempt to take on Scarlet Spider, they struggle to not start fighting themselves as well. After Hornet fires at Dusk, Kaine webs Hornet's visor, allowing a freed Cassandra to stab him with a knife. The knife shatters though, prompting Hornet to cuss at her and take his helmet off.

When he does Richochet notices his metal arms and spikes on his fingers, and asks for his real name. Hornet smacks him away and tells him "Silas Burr, okay? Happy?"

He follows that up with "Except in the old days, they used to call me...Cyber.", and is seen sporting his old blue mask."

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Cyber was last seen by Logan and Daken, who left him for dead after he couldn't fight off the poisonous effects of his Carbonadium pacemaker any longer, put in place due to his weakened heart. Wolverine would later confirm his death, but somehow it seems he survived.

Hopefully, fans will find out why he took on the Hornet identity soon, as well as if he's still suffering the effects of his heart condition. Either way, the X-Men aren't going to be throwing him a welcome home party anytime soon.


You can see the spoiler images above.

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #12 is in stores now.