Comic-Con 2022: Strange Academy Returns in New Marvel Series, First Look Revealed

After a months-long hiatus, Strange Academy is returning with an all-new series. Marvel took to San Diego Comic-Con Friday to unveil Strange Academy: Finals, the next part of the Academy saga that will launch later this year. The same creative team on the first Strange Academy series is returning for this direct continuation, including writer Skottie Young and artist Humberto Ramos.

"This is a real passion project for me and Humberto, and we've never had so much fun making this project," Young said in a press release distributed by Marvel. "All of the high school teen drama between Dormammu's son Doyle and Emily Bright is going to come back, but this is not just a continuation of the next day of class! You will see the ramifications of how the first series ended, and we're going to be focusing on some really cool characters. And with the prophecy over the last few years…someone's going to come out of this changed in a big way."

In a quick description provided by the House of Ideas, the story will pick up right where it left off as the rogue Strange Academy students wander into the Dark Dimension, hoping to prohibit Doyle's disastrous prophecy from coming true.

"When we first started, we just wanted to do something together, but it was great to see the reaction from the fans," Ramos added. "I love drawing these characters, and Skottie gives them the best scripts to play with these kids, their universe, their concerns and powers, and the way they'd like the world to be. This new saga and chapter of their lives will be really insane."

Strange Academy quickly became a hit amongst fans and collectors alike for its daring journey into teen superheroism. Strange Academy #1 alone went on to get six printings due to the first appearances of title's vast ensemble.

Strange Academy: Finals #1 is set for release on October 26th.