Deleted Captain America: Civil War Scene Teased A Favorite Comic Book Story


After watching Captain America: Civil War, fans left theaters knowing a lot more Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. The long-time friends found themselves at odd in Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Civil War saw the two reunite under less-than-pleasant circumstances. After all, Bucky had been framed for a deadly terrorist plot, but the film gracefully navigated the friend's rough relationship despite the odds. And, now, the Russo Brothers are saying one deleted scene from the film showed even more of the pair's friendship.

Speaking with IGN, Joe and Anthony Russo talked about the difficult decisions they made while cutting Civil War together. And, in particular, they said they had to take out one scene which was rooted in Captain America's rich comic history.

"There is a scene that is a cut scene. It's a small piece of the fight at Leipzig where there's a very fun interaction between Cap and Bucky, and it kind of hints at a favorite storyline in the books," Anthony said. "I won't go into the detail about it, but there's a little tease in that scene that is pretty fun."

Of course, it's no surprise the duo won't elaborate on the scene. And, if you're hoping the clip might make it onto Civil Wars' DVD features, don't get too excited. It seems as if the pair are keeping the footage tucked away should they ever need it again.

"It's a comic book story, and I can't say whether or not it's going to factor in to the movies," Anthony explained.

Plenty of fans are now wondering what exactly this deleted scene might contain. Given the massive fandom which follows Marvel's Cinematic Universe, the theories are endless. As the Russo Brothers did say the scene took place in Leipzig, some wonder whether the clip might reference the duo's time in the army since they're waging war at an airport.

But, really, it's hard to say for sure what the scene might contain. Bucky and Steve have a very long history, and there are countless of story arcs which feature the two both before and after Captain Americagets iced. It's nice to hear, though, that the Russo Brothers were invested in bringing more comic story lines to Captain America's film adaptations. The nod is something which all long-time comic book fans can appreciate.


So, if you think you might know what scene the Russo Brothers were referring to, let us know in the comics below! Which scenes would you like to see Captain America and the Winter Solider take on?