'Doctor Strange' Director Scott Derrickson Able to Save Original Eye of Agamotto From Fire That Destroyed His Home

The Woolsey Fire has been causing series damage in California since it started burning on November [...]

The Woolsey Fire has been causing series damage in California since it started burning on November 8th. Due to the fire's location in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, many of the homes lost in the fire belonged to celebrities -- including Scott Derrickson. Derrickson, who is best known for directing Doctor Strange, tweeted last Friday that he lost his home, and has been sharing updates ever since. It was revealed on Twitter earlier today that one of the items Derrickson took with him when evacuating was the original Eye of Agamotto, an important relic in the Doctor Strange universe.

"When evacuating for a fire, you only have time to grab a handful of things," tweets Derrickson. He assured his followers that the prop is safe and sound.

You probably recognize the Eye best for housing the Time Stone around Doctor Strange's neck. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Eye's purpose was to contain the power of the Infinity Stone. It was passed down from Sorcerer Supreme to Sorcerer Supreme until it reached Doctor Strange.

While Thanos destroyed the item in Avengers: Infinity War, the first version of the prop was apparently kept in Derrickson's home.

The director also shared photos of items that were left behind, but still managed to survive the fire. Doctor Strange must be powerful in all forms, because this little figurine appeared to come out unscathed.

Thankfully, Derrickson was also able to salvage his late father's dog tags, which were, "the one thing [he] most hoped to find."

In addition to directing Doctor Strange, Derrickson has also taken the reins on multiple horror films, including The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister. He currently has eight projects in the works, but it's unclear if they're being put on hold while he deals with the loss of his home.

While Kevin Feige did confirm a Doctor Strange sequel earlier this year, the film is not yet included on Derrickson's upcoming list of projects. However, don't lose hope, because he has teased his involvement.

Despite dealing with this tragedy, Scott Derrickson still took the time to pay tribute to Stan Lee, who passed away on November 12th.

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