Dog In Daredevil Mask Becomes Viral Sensation

A pup wearing a Daredevil mask has become an Internet sensation.

The dog, featured in the gif below, was caught on camera wearing the Marvel Comics' hero's iconic red mask and become one of the most popular subjects on Reddit. The thread name imagines the dog speaking with Daredevil's delivery, asking, "You find this amusing, do you?"

Check out the gif and watch it endlessly below.

"You find this amusing, do you?...DO..YOU.. from youseeingthisshit

"His dad was a boxer," Reddit user the_pun_life responds, perfectly.

"'Howling Jack' Murdick," ShakeyMcShakey adds, to chantibre chime in with "Matthew Murdog." The names and puns on Marvel's Daredevil as applied to dogs are endless. "The Devil of Hound's Kitchen." "Dogdevil." "The Dog Without Fear." "Matt Murbark."


At the time of publishing, the dog who put on the Daredevil mask had earned more than 26,000 points on Reddit.

Daredevil Seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.