Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Sebastian Stan Says Fans Keep Trying to Activate the Winter Soldier Around Him

Winter Soldier fans keep trying to activate Sebastian Stan when he's trying to live his life. The MCU star talked to BBC Radio 1 about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the journey ahead. When asked about fan behavior, he let it slip that people really do try to read him those code words when he's in the line for his morning coffee. Stan is taking all that attention in stride though and doesn't hassle them about it. However, it must be a lot to know that everywhere you go, you'll hear someone just seemingly rattling off random words from your previous work. Bucky has probably never been more popular than right now as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier rolls on. Fans are still hoping that he'll get a shot at his own solo adventures at some point. Those viewers have to be pleased with the amount of time we've got to spend with Bucky so far during the Disney+ series. It's been as much of his journey as it has been Sam Wilson's.

"It happens quite often. It happens at coffee shops. It happens a lot. And it's always very funny. It's an honorable thing I guess. You're very taken with it all the time," he said before continuing. "You do have to sometimes look at people in the face and say, 'No, I will not become the Winter Soldier when you say that. You can keep saying it, and maybe you should say it, maybe that's a moment we both need to have together, now, here. But nothing crazy will happen.'"

Previously, the star told Comicbook.com that he was just ecstatic to be getting the chance to really explore Bucky after all this time. he's managed to remain quite a mystery over the course of his decade alongside Steve Rogers.

"I was excited about that, because I think we talked a lot about it in some of the other movies, and there was never enough time to just sort of explore him after Civil War and where he was at and how much he had confronted, how much there was still left for him to deal with," Stan explained. "So, this is really the perfect time, you know, for both of these characters to be learning more about themselves, the world they're in, and their priorities, and he's right up there with Sam on that."


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