Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Sebastian Stan Reveals His Dream Project With Anthony Mackie

Sebastian Stan has a special idea for his dream project with Anthony Mackie and it involves food. The Falcon and Winter Soldier duo sat down with Kelly Clarkson on her show to talk about the series. She wanted to know about the burgeoning bromance between the two actors. Well, Stan thinks that a travel food show would be just the thing to kick that dynamic into overdrive. Mackie seems to be more concerned with the Bucky actor just chilling in his house all day and not coming out to hang with his Marvel co-worker. It’s hard to blame the Winter Soldier in this moment because the pandemic is still going on. But, we should probably be on the lookout for some silly social media posts once things get a little bit better outside. (Also, if anyone at Marvel or Disney is listening, can we get a D+ show with these two tasting random foods? Asking for a friend.)

“He’s a hermit. That he’s always isolated. I want him all to myself all the time and he won’t let me have him. I just want to go out and do stuff together,” Mackie joked. “I want to go to restaurants together. I want to go fishing together. I want us to be, you know, besties that hang out. And he won’t hang out with me because he’s so into himself.”

“I mean look, I want to pitch Anthony and I doing what Stanley Tucci is doing on CNN right now through Italy,” Stan replied. “I feel like he and I should go through Europe visiting restaurants and giving back feedback. I feel like that could be something we could do.”

The Winter Soldier actor wanted to explore more of Bucky’s mental health with this series.


"I was excited about that, because I think we talked a lot about it in some of the other movies, and there was never enough time to just sort of explore him after Civil War and where he was at and how much he had confronted, how much there was still left for him to deal with," Stan explained to ComicBook.com. "So, this is really the perfect time, you know, for both of these characters to be learning more about themselves, the world they're in, and their priorities, and he's right up there with Sam on that."

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