Filipino Senator Claims She Is The Wife of Thanos

Less than two weeks after tweeting about Thanos's trip to her country, Filipino Senator Nancy Binay declared herself the bride of the Mad Titan while wearing a Viking-style helmet at a birthday celebration.

Binay had made the original tweet from the town of Mayoyao in Ifugao, where some of Josh Brolin's Thanos scenes were filmed for Avengers: Infinity War. It is not entirely clear whether she had actually seen the film, or was just appreciating the economic boost it gave the local economy and tweeting about something trending and to which her area was attached.

In any event, a celebration five days later was occasion enough for her to revisit the Thanos character, donning the helmet and telling those in attendance that she was his wife.

In the comics, of course, Thanos is in love with the personification of death itself -- but we will forgive that, since in the context of the film that is certainly not his motivation.

You can see a tweet containing the photo below.


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h/t: ABS|CBN