Kevin Feige Teases New MCU Announcements

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is teasing more new Marvel Cinematic Universe announcements are coming. As the press tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home (finally) takes place, Feige has been sitting down to talk about that Spider-Man threequel's shocking surprises (easily Marvel's most-anticipated movie event since Avengers: Endgame), but also, inevitably, about the future. MCU Phase 4 is about to hit a streak of wildly ambitious new developments, which ripple across an entire multiverse of Marvel possibilities. So how and when will Marvel Studios be dropping the next updates about what's to come? As always, the devil is in the details... 

There'll be news. There'll be various events," Feige promised Screen Rant during his interview. "Obviously with the pandemic, the way we've announced things has changed and altered, and in some ways that's been good, because it's kept the focus on what's next. It's kept the focus on the projects as they come out, and certainly the anticipation for No Way Home, I would say, is as big as anything we've ever felt before, which is good timing as the movie's about to come out."

While Feige is doing his usual verbal jujitsu in the press, he did kind of backhand tease more big Marvel announcements to come, in some official announcement events. Marvel Studios has been transitioning out of having third-party venues like San Diego Comic-Con be the big stags for their announcements; Marvel is THE franchise in entertainment now, it is very much its own event. The studio broke new ground in 2014 when it announced the entire MCU Phase 3 slate in a special showcase event. Ever since then, Marvel has been able to take the reigns of promoting its content slate – and now has more content than ever under its belt. 

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

In the last year, Marvel Studios has seen a slate of new MCU TV series debut alongside the movie content. Between the Movie and TV content now established, Marvel has more reason than ever before to go back and rethink how to announce and promote new waves of content. Honestly, fans should expect no less than to find out that Marvel Studios has some kind of new showcase to announce, which will actually weave the new movie and TV content into one promo reel and set of interviews. 

Keep your eyes and ears open after Spider-Man: No Way Home's release (Dec. 17th), for what the next Marvel Studios showcase event will be.