Kraven the Hunter Enlists Fred Hechinger To Play Chameleon

Fred Hechinger is coming to Kraven the Hunter as the Chameleon in the upcoming Sony film. According to Deadline, the White Lotus star was tabbed by the studio. As of now, J.C. Chandor is still on-board to direct the villain movie. Richard Wenk wrote the script for the post-No Way Home adventure as well. Spider-Man fans have been wondering when they're going to see that rogue's gallery expand outside of Venom. With these casting reveals, the road forward has become more clear than ever. Next January continues to be an interesting proposition as the Spider-Verse continues to build in live-action. The sky is now the limit for what can and will be rendered on screen for Tom Holland and anyone else playing a web-shooting hero.

Aaron-Taylor Johnson's playing the title character, but there have been more and more names attached with each coming week. Russell Crowe signed on just a few days ago in an unspecified role. But, a lot of the early Internet speculation believes they're building an all-Holland Sinister Six for the Spider-Man to tango with on his lonesome. While some fans might find that enticing, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. 

Previously, Murphy's Multiverse reported that filming on this movie would commence soon. "Production start dates have always been tentative and now, more than ever, it's important to keep that in mind, but assuming no delays, it sounds like Kraven the Hunter will begin production in the UK next month," their reporting said. "Given the film's January 2023 release date, it's a very sensible timeline for principal photography, leaving plenty of time for any additional photography, which is always factored into these projects." 

As for the rumors that the Hunter was supposed to show up in No Way Home, writer Chris McKenna explained that there were a ton of elements that didn't make it all the way through.

"Before the whole idea of this movie, there were other ideas. Because we don't come with any ideas, we all sat at the table once the ink was drying with the Sony/Marvel deal, and all we had was, we ended the movie, the last movie with Peter's identity being spoiled by Mysterio, and that was our jumping-off point because at least we could cling to that," McKenna said.

He added, "OK, we know that we're dealing with the fallout from that, what would happen? That led us down different story roads that were not this story. And then, I think, I don't know if it was Kevin's idea, the idea of doing something with the other villains and teasing at the very end of this, almost in a tag, was floated."

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