Luke Cage Stars Mike Colter and Theo Rossi Say They Have Best Cast on Television

After spending an afternoon with the cast and crew of Marvel's Luke Cage, the upcoming series from Netflix and Marvel TV, it's clear that despite the clashes on the small screen, this is a group of people that gets along very well. In a series of roundtable interviews, the cast joked and laughed, got serious with some deep looks at the world they're developing on their show, and shared some of their inside moments from the set.

It's no wonder, then, that stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Theo Rossi (Shades) laugh a lot when they're off camera (Rossi admits that Colter is an intimidating man) - and think they have the best cast on television.

"I'll tell you this, the truth is, and he probably doesn't want to hear it," Rossi told in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, referring to Colter, "When you're doing a show, everything starts from the top. As they go, you go. And there is not anyone better - the way he sets the tone."

Of course, Colter may have made a mistake when he told the cast that when he's "not on set" or when they're in a scene together, to "treat it like it's your show."

"I can't get it back now!" Colter said with a smile. "I've lost control. It's complete anarchy. I go to a scene, and they're stepping all over my lines. I've lost my power. Now I'm just man."

In all seriousness, though, Rossi said the cast loves each other.

"We have a major respect for each other, we love each other as artists and as people. You couldn't ask for a better cast. It's the best cast on television," Rossi said.


Of course, ever joking, Colter couldn't let that lie, clarifying, "The best cast on television, on Netflix, on a Marvel show, that's shot in Harlem."