Marvel Fan Gives All the Original Avengers the Old Man Rogers Treatment

One Marvel fan decided to give all the original members of the Avengers the Old Man Rogers treatment. In a post to Reddit, the fan community celebrated the images shared and marveled at how weird it would have everybody aged up to that degree. In some fans' minds, they wish that this could have been the endgame for the original six, but it was not to be. Iron Man and Black Widow are dead, and Cap is actually an old man now. Anthony Mackie's Falcon now holds the shield and the Avengers are in a state of transition. But, that image of old Chris Evans has stuck with fans after a year. had the chance to speak with Lola VFX's Trent Claus about making Old Man Cap, and it was a labor of love.

"For this one with Chris, we had a very long period of look development where we tried lots of different ages and styles of aging," Claus told us. "One problem we run into a lot with aging is that everybody has their own idea of what happens to you when you age based on your own experience, what happens to your own face, and what happened to your parents' faces, and things like that."

"If you get a room full of six or seven people, they might all have a different idea of what aging should look like," he added. "So it's harder to pin down a look, whereas with de-aging, you've got a reference You've got an exact image of what you're aiming for. Here it's a lot more subjective."

Old Original 6 Avengers from r/marvelstudios

In fact, it would take a while to get the final product down. The "Old Man Cap" scene wasn't finalized until long after filming concluded. That led to a ton of digital heavy lifting.

"In the end, the look that we came up with that was approved by the filmmakers didn't get approved for several months after filming was done," Claus shared. "So, unfortunately, the makeup that we had applied to the face around the eyes, forehead, and nose, and things like that no longer matched the approved look, so we had to digitally remove that makeup, and then re-create it entirely after the fact. The makeup that you saw in the photo that we kept is the neck and the wig, and then everything on the face that you see on screen is digital."


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