Marvel Cancels 'Cable'

The adventures of Marvel’s time-traveling mutant Cable are coming to a close.Yesterday, Marvel [...]

The adventures of Marvel's time-traveling mutant Cable are coming to a close.

Yesterday, Marvel Comics released its solicitations for August 2018. Noticeably absent from the listings was a new issue of Cable.

Cable co-writer Zac Thompson confirmed on Twitter that the series has indeed been cancelled. He softened the blow by revealing that he and his writing partner, Lonnie Nadler, will be writing August's Edge of Spider-Geddon #2.

"Marvel's solicits for August are out and... as you can probably tell CABLE is canceled," Thompson tweeted. "But @Lon_Monster and I are bringing back SP//Dr with @jakewyattriot so don't cry for us."

The current volume of Cable debuted in 2017 as part of the ResurrXion relaunch of Marvel's X-Men comics line and will end with Cable #159 in July. The series will have run for 15 issues covering three story arcs from three different creative teams.

Writer James Robinson and artist Carlos Pacheco wrote the series' first arc, "Conquest." The story pit Cable against another time traveller who was trying to reconstruct a powerful artifact whose pieces were scattered throughout time.

After Robinson left for work at DC Comics, Ed Brisson took over writing Cable with Jon Malin on art for the Marvel Legacy story titled "The Newer Mutants." This story saw Cable assembling a team of mutants plucked from various points in the X-Men's history -- Blink, Longshot, Doop, X-23, Armor, and Shatterstar -- to investigate the mystery of who was killing the Externals, a group of ancient and supposedly immortal mutants.

The final arc is Thompson and Nadler's "Past Fears," with artist German Peralta. The storyline finds Cable having to deal with a monster from his past called Metus. Each issue tells a story set further and further in Cable's past, presumably ending with the truth about the origin of Metus in issue #159. "Past Fears" has arguably been the best story of the three, and one of the best Cable stories ever. Here's an excerpt from's review of the first issue of the story:

"Cable #155 is an about-face for a series struggling to define itself. Simply put, this is Cable's best self, brought out by creators who are interested in diving below the surface and creating a textured narrative about personal connections and the specters we create as we move forward in our lives. Cable being Cable, those specters are especially literal and deadly, but it's good to see 'the man called Cable' fulfilling his potential again."

Cable, the character, isn't entirely absent from Marvel's August listing. He will team up with Deadpool once again for Cable and Deadpool Annual #1 by writer David F. Walker and artist Paco Diaz.