Classic Marvel Character Returning in ‘Immortal Hulk’

Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s most famous love and once wife, is returning to Marvel Comics in the [...]

Betty Ross, Bruce Banner's most famous love and once wife, is returning to Marvel Comics in the pages of Immortal Hulk #14. Per the official synopsis:

Betty Ross is going through a lot. She's having a family crisis. Her employers won't pick up the phone. And at her door is the husband she thought was dead. But Bruce Banner hasn't come alone. He's brought the IMMORTAL HULK.

Betty's "family crisis" could be the death of her father, military man Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, who was found murdered in the pages of Captain America #6 — and the star-spangled Avenger is now the prime suspect fingered with the crime.

Bruce Banner's tenured love interest first appeared in the pages of 1962's Incredible Hulk #1 and has undergone transformations similar to those of the not-so-jolly green giant: a Gamma-irradiated Betty was once morphed into the winged super-creature known as Harpy and later, after that alteration was permanently reversed, Bruce and Betty married.

Following her murder at the hands of Hulk arch foe the Abomination — who poisoned Betty through weaponized Gamma-irradiated blood — and tricks spawned by reality-altering villain Nightmare, Betty returned to life and became Red She-Hulk around the same time her father emerged as the ultra powerful Red Hulk.

Betty then struggled with a condition that nearly left her permanently stuck in the Red She-Hulk form and eventually reconciled with Bruce after telling him they could never share a normal life together.

She would later be de-powered when Hulk, having unlocked a brilliant intellect through Tony Stark's Extremis virus, targeted Gamma mutates Red Hulk, Skaar, A-Bomb, and the Gamma Corps, believing the numerous amount of beings similar to himself posed a threat to the world.

Banner's apparent death came at the arrow tip of Avenger Hawkeye, who shot and killed his old ally with a specialized arrow at Banner's request. Banner and the Hulk were temporarily resurrected and possessed by the shadowy Hand organization and promptly died again — and then again during Hydra's takeover of the United States — and was again returned to life by the cosmically powerful Challenger, and has since taken to the life of the lonely man on the move.

Bruce and Betty will reunite in Immortal Hulk #14, releasing March 6.