Ant-Man and Luis Address State of MCU Delays in Funny New Video

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in uncertain times right now. Following the conclusion the Infinty Saga with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, a new Phase of Marvel content was set to begin on May 1 with Black Widow. However, like many films, Black Widow has had to postpone its theatrical release as a means to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. Meanwhile, the Disney+ shows like Loki, WandaVision, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier have had to stop production temporarily, along with the upcoming Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings movie. As a result, Scott Lang is freshly getting out of prison in a new gif, and his pal Luis is on hand to recap the whole thing for him.

A Marvel fan has crafted the perfect video to imagine Luis informing Scott of all the changes being made ot Marvel's release schedule right. The scene is from the first Ant-Man, where Michael Peña's characters picks up Paul Rudd's Scott Lang and has to inform him of everything he missed while he was away in jail. Swap out the dialogue with the Marvel Studios updates, and it is not hard to read the video in their voices.

The video which plays with the scene from Ant-Man has made its way to Reddit, becoming one of the top voted posts. Check it out for yourself and have a much needed laugh in the post embedded below.

State of Marvel after COVID-19 [GIF] from r/marvelstudios

With all eyes on Marvel Studios, everyone is wondering where they are going to put Black Widow, as the CDC calls for no more than 50 people in the same place for at least the next two months. The earliest we could see the movie looks like May 22 -- this is the date which Fast & Furious 9 has now left open. However, this date does put Wonder Woman 1984 right on Black Widow’s back with a June 5 date, and these two movies would cannibalize each other at the box office in a big way -- assuming we can all safely go to the movies by then.


We have compiled a full list of dates when Black Widow could hit theaters.

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