Marvel Gives Galactus a Universe-Breaking Power Upgrade

Galactus has always been one of the most fearsome beings in the Marvel Universe. Now he's reached a new level of power that may tear that universe asunder. SPOILERS for Doctor Strange #15 by Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz, Scott Koblish, and Brian Reber follow.

The current Doctor Strange series has taken the sorcerer supreme out of his comfort zone. He's been dealing with space travel and cosmic threats. That includes the world-eater, Galactus. It began when Galactus threatened to consume the homeworld of the sorcerer Zoloz. Desperate to save his planet, Zoloz stole magic items in the care of Strange. Zoloz used the power of the items to transport Galactus into the mystic realms.

Rather than save his planet, Zoloz's act put the entire universe in danger. Strange sensed this danger and followed Galactus into the mystic dimensions, but was too late to stop Galactus from feeding.

Galactus feasted on one of the realms' unusual worlds. The mystic properties of the planet altered Galactus, infusing him with arcane energy. The act also turned the dread Dormammu, Strange's archenemy, into Galactus's new herald.

But Mephisto is manipulating both Galactus and Dormammu. Mephisto told Dormammu he could control Galactus. Dormammu attempts to do so in this issue, but Galactus isn't impressed. Instead, Galactus consumes his new herald, absorbing all Dormammu's arcane power.

Galactus Consumes Dormammu
(Photo: Jesus Saiz, Scott Koblish, Brian Reber, Mark Waid, Marvel Entertainment)

With Galactus standing at the nexus of realities and imbued with this new power, the entire universe is changing. Science and magic are merging in new and dangerous ways. If this bonding isn't stopped, Galactus will consume all reality and he alone will remain.

Doctor Strange pleads his case to Eternity and the Living Tribunal, but they decline to intervene. The threat of magic merging with science requires an answer both arcane and cosmic. Doctor Strange and Clea rally what mystical forces remain. The sorcerers of Earth and those mystical monarchs still standing hear the call. It isn't enough. Luckily, Galactus's change ripples throughout the cosmos. Representatives of Asgard and the empires of the Skrull, Kree, and Shi'ar all rally for a battle against Galactus's ultimate form.

What do you think of this change to Galactus? Let us know in the comments. Doctor Strange #15 is on sale now.

Doctor Strange #15
(W) Mark Waid, Barry Kitson (A) Barry Kitson, Scott Koblish (CA) Jesus Saiz

• With a fresh alter-dimensional feast and an alliance with Dormammu, GALACTUS has never been more terrifying!

• Do a reunited Doctor Strange and Clea have a chance to stop them? It's not looking good...

Rated T+
In Shops: Jun 26, 2019
SRP: $3.99