Marvel Has a New Kingpin

We're talking spoilers for Marvel's Devil's Reign #6 below! A recurring storyline throughout Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto's run on Daredevil is the character of Byron "Butch" Pharris, the bastard son of none other than Wilson Fisk. A bit-player in the Hell's Kitchen crime scene, previously just a henchman for The Owl, Butch has been kept at a distance from his father despite having ambitions of becoming a new Kingpin of Crime in New York City. Now with the final chapter of the Devil's Reign crossover having arrived, Butch seems poised to get exactly what he wants.

In the final issue, Daredevil and Kingpin get in yet another knock-down, drag-out fight as they tend to do, ending with Fisk in handcuffs (having murdered Matt's "brother" Mike Murdock, who was actually posing as Matt and was in fact friends with Butch, it's a lot). After being apprehended, Fisk is being transported to another location when one of the Thunderbolts agents in the vehicle unmasks and reveals himself to be none other than Butch, having cut a deal with perpetual string-pullers with all the money in the world, The Stromwyns. In meeting the siblings once again, Butch reveals he made a deal with them to drive up crime across New York so they can continue to buy up property, resulting in them presenting Fisk with a deal of his own, the opportunity to be President of the Untied States.

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The most surprising thing about all this however is how Wilson reacts, which is by attacking the Stromwyns and turning them down. In doing so Fisk concocts a story for his son to use to build himself up, accepting him as his progeny, and telling him to tell the world that after his father attacked the Stromwyns, that Butch killed his father and took what was rightfully his, the throne. Overcome with emotion by the death of Mike Murdock however, it's unclear if Butch intends on taking on the mantle, despite Fisk clearly setting the stage for him to become the next Kingpin of Crime.

In an addendum to the story, Fisk and his wife Typhoid Mary get on a ship and sail off into the sunset, seemingly for happy days in an unseen location. Will it happen? Who knows, but Zdarsky and Checchetto are set to return with an all-new Daredevil series later this summer, so the arrival of the new Kingpin is coming at a good time. You can find the cover and solicit for that issue below.

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Daredevil #1
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
In the wake of Wilson Fisk's violent and visceral last act, it's a new era for New York and the Man Without Fear! With a groundbreaking creative team returning to usher in an all-new chapter, Matt Murdock has no choice but to leave behind everything he's ever known, and ELEKTRA is the last vestige of his former life. Everything Matt Murdock thought it meant to be DAREDEVIL is about to change, including the challenges he will have to face in the cowl!
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