Marvel Kills an X-Men Character

Marvel's latest event "War of the Realms" definitely took a toll on the Marvel Universe, and the X-Men did not escape unscathed. In fact, our favorite mutants took a few hits throughout, including the loss of a longtime X-Men member who had recently resurfaced much to fans' delight. Unfortunately, the honeymoon didn't last very long, and this character met their end doing what they do best, being a hero. Spoilers incoming for "War of the Realms" and War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #3, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

So in the "War of the Realms" event, the remaining X-Men have set up shop in New York, and with sheer determination and teamwork have been able to create an outpost for survivors to come and seek protection from Malekith's forces. While they've held out for some time through a number of inventive means, their time is running out, and soon they will be overwhelmed. Things have become even more complicated since they lost part of their team to Sabretooth's forces, who serve Malekith, especially after he was able to capture Magik.

She was eventually rescued by a team comprised of Moonstar, Hope, Sunspot, and others, though despite having her back at the outpost, there was one issue. Magik couldn't use her abilities, as Sabretooth had put a necklace around her neck that prevented her from using her powers. When Sunspot asks her why she just can't take it off, she says it is rigged with a trap if you remove it, but at one point they are being supremely overwhelmed, and Sunspot tells her, "They're all going to die! We need to get them out of here."

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Magik tells him they are surrounded and there's nowhere to go, but Sunspot says. "We'll see." and tears the necklace off of Magik. He tells her, "Save them, Illyana." The stone bursts with energy in his hand, but then fades. Sunspot says, "Huh, that wasn't so bad after all," but the peace doesn't last long as then there's a huge explosion of magic and energy that sends everyone else back, and completely envelops Sunspot.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Thanks to his efforts though Magik is able to work with the rest of the team and trick Malekith's forces and teleport them away from the outpost, something not possible without Sunspot sacrificing himself. We then see the final page of the issue confirming his death by showing his spirit next to the other fallen Valkyries as they watch over Moonstar.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

He tells her, "I know. I love you Dani, but you've already lost one family. Don't lose another. We'll meet again, soon. I know it. But for now, this world still needs the X-Men."

You can check out the spoiler image above.