Marvel Reveals First Look at J.J. Abrams' Spider-Man Villain

The Internet was not prepared for a Spider-Man series helmed by J.J. Abrams earlier this year, and fans reacted accordingly to the news. Now, details are slowly coming out about the story and Spider-Man's newest foe in the series, Cadaverous. A new trailer for the mini-series debuted today and the world got its first look at this creepy new villain.

After Mary Jane pulls Spider-Man from the rubble, a hulking monstrosity connected to muscle-like sinew stands above them both. Peter Parker is looking in pretty rough shape and his costume is in tatters before Cadaverous' forces set upon he and MJ once again. Executive Editor Nick Lowe gave some detail on what fans can expect from the newest member of Spidey's rogues gallery during the trailer.

"Cadaverous is one of the most terrifying Spider-Man villains of all-time, and that's saying something. He's faced the Green Goblin, Carnage, and Venom. Cadaverous might be a little scarier and a little grosser than any of them," Lowe explained.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 4.57.00 PM
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

He continued, "[Cadaverous] and his minions are terrifying and they do some horrible things to our main characters very early on in the story that are going to be really hard to recover from...If they can."

The creative team isn't doing everyone's favorite Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man any favors with this new threat. The part about Cadaverous' forces doing "some horrible things" is especially ominous after seeing the images in the trailer.

Abrams' first issue set to debut in a little over a month and this trailer will only fan the flames of hype that have followed this title since the initial announcement. Abrams' son Henry is along for the ride on this creative team as is the wonderfully talented Sara Pichelli.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"Nick Lowe, the editor of this comic, reached out about 10 years ago," Henry said when the series was first announced. "More recently we began to develop an idea: a new and different and exciting take on Spider-Man."


"Nick had been pressing me to do a book with him," Abrams explained. "A year or so ago, I started talking about it with Henry and it sort of happened organically. And that has been the joy of this. Even though I've been talking to Nick for a long time, weirdly, this feels like it just sort of evolved from the conversations of Henry and I, having ideas that got us excited and Nick being open to the collaboration."

The unveiling of the miniseries initially inadvertently started a firestorm on the web, because the countdown teaser images caused some speculation that an adaptation of Sam Raimi's previously-planned Spider-Man 4 was on the way. Even though that's not happening right now, fans are eager to see what Abrams brings to the Marvel world.