She-Hulk Gets Review Bombed Before Release

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is, unfortunately, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe release to get review bombed by trolls on the eve of its release. At the time of writing this, She-Hulk is fighting a battle against manipulated user ratings – a somewhat even pull of ten-out-of-ten and one-out-of-ten review scores. According to IMDb's metrics, adult males are overwhelmingly the ones rating She-Hulk on the low end – with males over 30 being the most critical group of all. Females across all age demographics are rating She-Hulk highly – though the show dips within the coveted 18-30 demographic of females, as well. 

As always, these types of measurements in the quality of a show is highly specious when the show hasn't even been released yet – or even screened for the public yet. So, what ends up happening is people using reviews to try to kill momentum on a show for their own personal/political reasons – which then sparks a backlash of positive reviews from supportive fans, all resulting in a review score that can't be trusted from either side. It's just one more dark side of the entire aggregate scoring system. 

Marvel's most recent TV releases Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight were both subjected to similar review-bombing tactics, largely on the back of both series highlighting the inclusive expansions of exploring African and/or Middle Eastern cultures through heroes like Marc Spector and Kamala Khan. Marvel's Eternals movie also got review bombed for making LGBTQ+ representation part of its story, with trolls trying to push the larger assertion that Marvel is somehow "selling out" or "capitulating" to some kind of social justice or woke agenda by putting a spotlight on diversity. 


Obviously, She-Hulk's unabashedly female-driven storyline, character arc, and themes are prime targets for trolls, with comments like Marvel Studios is "turning the Hulk into a girl" being pretty commonplace. Other popular targets have been the CGI effects for the titular character (which did not impress in trailers), and She-Hulk's irreverent meta-comedic take on Marvel lore – which, to be fair, is exactly what made the comics and character so popular. 

In the opinion of's review of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Marvel has another hit on its hands, easy: 

"She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is not only the live-action debut that its titular character has always deserved, but it's a new turning point for what the MCU's TV shows are capable of. Anchored by Maslany's mesmerizing and masterful performance, the series is unafraid to be genuinely authentic, gleefully weird, and downright clever in a way that's electrifying to watch. While there's no telling what the remaining five episodes have in store, much less where Jen Walters could pop up next in the MCU, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is about to leave its mark on the superhero landscape."

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law streams new episodes every Thursday on Disney+.