Marvel Fan Creates Amazingly Accurate PlayStation Spider-Man Webshooters

Marvel's Spider-Man was announced to a ton of fan excitement and followed that up with a very impressive game. Now, fans are taking their time to make art about the game, or in the case of one person on Reddit, create some really inspired cosplay items. Masks, costumes, or even web-shooters are all things that the community has made in response to this Peter Parker adventure.

Spidey-uses the newest model of his now iconic web-shooters to deal with Wilson Fisk near the start of the game. Like everything else in the next-gen offering, these can be upgraded over time like numerous gadgets. 3dpropz created these replica web-shooters modeled after the ones in the game, and the results are spot-on. He sells a number of other comic book items on his personal store, and these Spider-Man gadgets are no different.

I 3d Printed these Spider-Man PS4 Web Shooters from r/SpidermanPS4

A recent Marvel event was called Spider-Geddon, and the version of the Wall-Crawler from this video game was so popular that he actually made his way onto comics pages as one of the featured heroes. That isn't his only appearance either, Marvel gave him his own limited series set after the events of the game. Spider-Man: Velocity was announced via a press release earlier this year. Fans were psyched to see more of the character they had spent a lot of time with in the game. Keeping all the character development from the previous adventure is an added bonus.

"Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum continues the saga of the spectacular Spider-Man with an all-new story set in the Gamerverse! How and why did Peter Parker build the armored Velocity Suit seen in the Marvel's Spider-Man video game," the press release details.

Hallum is in a position to oversee the story. Emilio Laiso is on art duties and The comic is housed within the GamerVerse with Hallum overseeing the story. Emilio Laiso will be on art duties, and channel the multitude of looks the character has during the course of the video game adventure. You can check out the first issue's description below:


"After the events of CITY AT WAR, Spidey continues to balance his colliding worlds as he attempts to protect New York City against Super-Villains like Swarm, while reporter Mary Jane Watson delves deep into an investigation with legendary Daily Bugle journalist Ben Urich. Learn the never-before-told backstory behind the Velocity Suit as unexplainable occurrences bedevil the city and our heroes come face-to-face with... a poltergeist?!"

Judging by the game's continued popularity and the fact that the team continues to pump out costumes to the adoring cheers of the online community, Spider-Man isn't going anywhere. It won't be long before a sequel gets announced. Who knows, we might get some legitimate Miles Morales action next time.