Kevin Feige Says Marvel Studios Will Continue to Explore Other Genres

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to diversify its genre of film moving forward, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reluctant to rule out a Western movie.

Speaking to at a press event for Ant-Man and The Wasp, Feige explored the idea of introducing Marvel Comics characters like Two-Gun Kid or Ghost Rider to their live-action franchises. Such characters might demand a Western tone, which is something Feige says is as a possibility as he did of horror films the last time he talked to

"I'm interested in all of them," Feige said. "I love film. I love film, I love all different film genres. I saw Hereditary, I'm still rattled by that one. You seen Hereditary? It's amazing but it sticks with ya."

While the plans for Marvel Studios beyond Avengers 4 are under wraps, a diverse portfolio of films seems to be building. "So, specifically, to horror, western, I don't know but generally to continuing to play with genres and continue to explore other genres, absolutely," Feige said.

During an interview ahead of Avengers: Infinity War's release, Feige emphasized the importance of varying the films from one another as the studio is now releasing three titles each year.

"I think it always and I hope will continue to vary," Feige said. "I enjoy very much the success of Thor: Ragnarok, and all of the articles that were being written around the release of that film that 'the MCU has now just gone full comedy,' 'MCU has just embraced the full silliness and is just embracing a very eclectic, strange sense of humor.' And I remember reading those and thinking, 'Yes, but wait till you see Black Panther.' And now Black Panther and the advertisements for Infinity War, 'everything's gonna be dark now, everything's gonna be...' I will say it always will vary depending on the story we wanna tell on any individual movie."

At the time, he expressed an interest in a horror genre film for characters such as Blade or Man-Thing. "I like both of those characters that you named, and I think, again, horror can mean a lot of things," Feige said. "Horror, did you mean a movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Hostel or a Friday the 13th or a Poltergeist? Poltergeist is a little bit more my wheelhouse, that's such a great movie and it scared the heck out of me but it's really fun. I don't know, I certainly would like to play with as many genres as possible."


Marvel's next theatrical outing will be with Ant-Man and The Wasp on July 6. Avengers: Infinity War is now playing in theaters. Captain Marvel will follow it in March of 2019, with Avengers 4 coming in May of 2019 and Spider-Man: Far From Home slated for release on July 5, 2019.