Clay Statue Showcases Thor’s Biggest Weakness

A fan on Reddit pointed out Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) biggest weakest: a smushed face.

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The clay God of Thunder is part of a long-running gag that sees the Asgardian superhero getting his face pressed against glass — something Thor's been doing since his debut movie in 2011.

It first happened when a fresh-to-Earth Thor was sedated by a barrage of doctors and nurses, and again in Thor: The Dark World when the Asgardian Avenger was bouncing through reality while in battle with dark elf Malekith.

Thor was glassed again when he first arrived to backwater planet Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok as coveted prize of the warrior Valkyrie, and again in leaked Avengers: Infinity War footage when — spoilers — Thor is floating in space and lands on the windshield of the Milano, spacecraft of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Studios recently released a behind-the-scenes look at Ragnarok's eye-popping special effects, and the Thor threequel has been nominated by for a Golden Issue Award in the VFX category.


Ragnarok recently bypassed $800 million at the worldwide box office, and has since raised its totals to $844 million — making it the most successful Thor movie.

Hemsworth will next reprise the role in Avengers: Infinity War, out May 4.