Marvel Selling Official ThanosCopter at Walgreens

Forget the Q Ships or Sanctuary II, when it comes to flying vehicles -- for space travel or otherwise -- there is only one mode of transportation that really matters when it comes to Thanos: the ThanosCopter. That's right, that hilarious Thanos helicopter that has been the center of so many excellent jokes and memes is real, and we don't mean in the pages of comic books, either. It's something that you can physically go and buy in what may be a surprising place. Marvel is now selling an official ThanosCopter at Walgreens stores and the best part? It is also remote control meaning you, too, can be like Thanos and fly it yourself.

Spotted on store shelves (it does not yet appear to be available on Walgreens' website at the time of this article's writing,) the ThanosCopter retails for $19.99 and is exactly what you'd expect it to be: Thanos piloting a bright yellow helicopter with "Thanos" emblazoned on the side. It's noted on the packaging that it is a wireless remote control toy indicated for indoor use only and ages 8+ and, specifically, that it is "easy to fly". Check it out below.

marvel thanoscopter walgreens

As we've noted, the ThanosCopter hasn't yet popped up on Walgreen's website which means that, for now, you'll have to check out your local Walgreens to find one -- but if that's not an option for you or your local Walgreens has already sold out of these truly epic toys you might want to head over to eBay. We've already seen the ThanosCopter toy starting to pop up over there.

If by some chance you've read this far and have absolutely no idea why this ThanosCopter is a thing -- and really, we applaud you for getting to this point on curiosity alone -- here's a little context. As fans know, Thanos is pretty much the biggest bad the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us yet and he's no slouch in comics either. However, even big bads have great rides and in Spider Super Stores #39 Thanos shows up in the ThanosCopter. The story "The Cat and the Cosmic Cube" -- which was geared to kids to capitalize on the appearance of Spider-Man on PBS' Electric Company in the 1970s -- sees The Cat trying to do something with The Cosmic Cube (aka Tesseract in the MCU) when Thanos shows up flying that bright yellow helicopter trying to take it. Shenanigans ensue, but Thanos is ultimately defeated despite his use of his helicopter.

It's an incredibly silly addition to things. After all, this is Thanos. A small yellow helicopter doesn't really seem his style, but the ThanosCopter has become a beloved and almost legendary thing for fans so much so that it may have even made its way into Avengers: Endgame -- sort of. According to Thanos creator and cosmic Marvel icon Jim Starlin, the sword that Thanos (Josh Brolin) wields in Endgame was inspired by the infamous ThanosCopter.


Will you be heading to Walgreens to get your own ThanosCopter? Let us know in the comments below.

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