Marvel Introduces Samurai Ghost Rider In New Avengers Preview

Like many other superhero names within the Marvel mythos, Ghost Rider is a mantle that's been passed down from one character to the next. When the current Avengers run launched in 2018, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness introduced one of the most unique versions of the character yet, one that rode a flaming mammoth in place of a motorcycle or Hell Charger. Now, Aaron and Javier Garron are introducing yet another fresh take on the character.

Within the pages of Avengers #58 this week, the eponymous team will travel through time, as they've been doing as of late, and end up in Japan's Edo period somewhere between the 17th and 18th centuries. Here, the group will run into the Ghost Ronin, a version of the Spirit of Vengeance that serves as a samurai warrior.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment / Javier Garron)

The reveal came during Marvel's latest round of solicitations with Captain America and Nighthawk ending up as the first ones to come across the Ghost Ronin.

"THE AVENGERS' QUEST THROUGH TIME CONTINUES! Japan, the Edo Period," Marvel's synopsis for the issues reads. "They say he walks by night, wielding a blade forged by hellfire. And where he wanders, the penance flows, like fountains of blood. He is the fabled Ghost Ronin, the Samurai of Vengeance. And alongside the Avengers, he will make his final stand against the lightning swords of the devil himself."

Throughout the vast majority of this run, the Avengers have been fighting Mephisto and his Council of Red, a group of multiple versions of the demonic character from across the multiverse. Leading into AXE: Judgement Day, Marvel's event of the summer, the current Avengers roster includes Captain America, Iron Man, Nighthawk, Captain Marvel, Thor, Blade, Echo, Starbrand, Namor, and Valkyrie.

Avengers #58 is due out in comic stores Wednesday, July 20th.