Marvel Releases Mysterious X-Men Teaser

Update: Go HERE for FULL DETAILS about Marvel's X-Men: Children of the Atom!

Marvel has done a major overhaul on its X-Men properties with the recent "House of X" reboot event, and the "Dawn of X" relaunch that has followed. While we initially got a lineup of six new X-Men books in the Dawn of X line, Marvel Comics has never stopped teasing some bigger events to come in the Dawn of X storyline. In 2020 alone we'll see new books like Wolverine, Giant-Size X-Men, Hellions, X-Factor and X-Corps, not to mention crossover miniseries like X-Men/Fantastic Four. Now Marvel Comics is teasing yet another event comic in the 2020 X-Men line: Children of the Atom!

We literally know nothing about what this book is, as Marvel has yet to issue any formal announcement or press release regarding Children of the Atom. What we do get is a nice piece of cover art, which presumably reveals who some of the main characters of this book will be:

X-Men Children of the Atom (2020) Comic Cover Art
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As you can see above, Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, and Gambit are all featured on the cover, which was drawn by R.B. Silva, who actually did the artwork for the Powers of X companion book that was part of the "House of X" event. The lineup of characters, plus the title of the book, is certainly giving Marvel fans plenty to speculate about.

"Children of the Atom" has always been a nickname for the X-Men and/or mutantkind, and has previously been used as the title for various X-Men projects. That includes Joe Casey's 1999 limited series (X-Men: Children of the Atom), which re-examined the classic origin stories of the original X-Men team (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Iceman); as well as the mid-90s arcade fighting game of the same name. Both are popular enough to make the "Children of the Atom" title a recognizable brand within the X-Men fandom.


Assuming the book follows the team pictured on the cover, this would be an interesting remix of the original X-Men squad. Gambit and Nightcrawler being substituted for Beast and Iceman? The character dynamics between Gambit and Nightcrawler would be much more interesting - not to mention what each character brings to the larger team dynamic. It's also going to be interesting to see how this latest version of Children of the Atom fits into the larger context of the "Dawn of X" storyline (with the X-Men having established the nation of Krakoa) and all of its socio-political intrigue.

Marvel's Children of the Atom hits shelves in April.