Marvel Resurrects a Major X-Men Character

Marvel’s Dawn fo X initiative has set up a new era for the X-Men. They now live on the island nation of Krakoa, a sovereign nation separated from humanity. Thanks to the powers of the Five and the technology of Cerebro, they’ve practically eradicated death from their culture. But a surprise attack by enemies of mutantkind nearly brought the entire Krakoa experiment to an end. X-Force #3 reveals that all the worry was for nothing. The failsafe in place worked, and the new golden age of mutants will continue. SPOILERS for X-Force #3 by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, and Guru-eFX follow.

In X-Force #1, a group of Reavers attacked Krakoa. Thanks to some extra luck they manufactured by grafting Domino’s skin to their bodies, the Reavers were successful in assassinating Professor X.

This was a problem for the X-Men. Professor X’s ability to use Cerebro is key to the resurrection protocols. By using Cerebro, he stores backup consciousnesses of all mutants on earth. Then, after the Five create a new body, Professor Xmentally uploads the memories of the resurrected mutant, restoring them as they were.

But with Professor X down, and his Cerebro helmet destroyed, the future of that resurrection process was uncertain. Backup Cerebro helmets were kept hidden away for Marvel Girl to use to try to bring Professor X back, but there was no guarantee that the process would work.

In X-Force #3, the process does indeed go smoothly. Professor X is again among the living.

Professor X
(Photo: Marvel)

Now that he’s back, Professor X is less optimistic about the relations between humans and mutants than ever before. As such, he officially forms X-Force to conduct off-the-books operations to keep mutants safe. On one hand is the intelligence side of X-Force, led by Beast. On the other are the “hunters,” the black ops squad, led by Wolverine. Professor X describes them as “a force for good.”

What do you think of Professor X’s return? Let us know in the comments. X-Force #3 is on sale now.

X-Force #3
(W) Ben Percy (A) Joshua Cassara (CA) Dustin Weaver




First, the new team strikes back against the humans who took one of their own. Then, with its orders established, the new X-Force hits the ground running, taking on deadly threats targeting mutantkind's rightful place in the world...

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