Marvel Reveals Which X-Men Really Get Married in the Wedding of the Century

Marvel Comics has promised that the wedding of the century would take in X-Men Gold #30. They [...]

Marvel Comics has promised that the wedding of the century would take in X-Men Gold #30. They followed through, with one of the X-Men's longest-lasting and most celebrated couples finally tying the knot, but it is not the couple fans were led to expect.

SPOILERS for X-Men Gold #30 follow.

The "'Til Death Do Us Part' arc of X-Men Gold has supposedly been leading up to the marriage of Piotr "Colossus" Rasputin and Kitty Pryde, two X-Men who have been romantically linked to each other on and off since the early 1980s. However, throughout the arc, Kitty has expressed some reservations about saying "I do." In X-Men Gold #30, after a conversation with her best friend and Colossus's sister, Magik, Kitty backs out of the wedding.

But a wedding does indeed take place. Not willing to let all of the work putting the ceremony together go to waste, Rogue and Gambit finally step up to get married after years of on again, off again courtships. Their romantic adventures will continue in a new series titled Mr. and Mrs. X, which kicks off in July. The series will be written by Kelly Thompson, who recently wrote the five-issue Rogue and Gambit miniseries, and drawn by Oscar Bazaldua.

X-Men Gold Rogue Gambit

X-Men Gold writer Marc Guggenheim spoke to The New York Times about the big twist, revealing that it came out of one of Marvel's big creative retreats.

"Comics, like TV and film, is a very collaborative medium. These are not my characters, they are Marvel's," Guggenheim said. "Part of writing other people's characters in a shared universe are other ideas are going to end up supplanting yours. My job as a writer is to take those marching orders and write the best issue I can."

Guggenheim did promise that there will be more to unpack in regards to Kitty and Colossus' relationship.

"There are several issues of X-Men Gold that deal with the ramifications," he said.

Thompson, however, was actually surprised to find out about the big twist.

"Marvel likes to keep things interesting and throwing the wrench into things," she said. "I think I was resistant to it initially, but that's my mistake. It creates all this great conflict and intrigue."

Mr. and Mrs. X will begin by filling in some blanks from Rogue and Gambit's wedding that didn't make it into the pages of X-Men Gold #30.

"You get some stuff with Rogue behind the scenes with some of the X-ladies, putting together something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue," she said. "I felt the fans deserved to see this because we did not get a big build up."

After that, it's the space.

"Because they are the X-Men, the sexy, fun times only last for two seconds before they have to save the world," Thompson explains.

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X-Men Gold #30 goes on sale tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. X #1 goes on sale in July.