Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Director Scott Derrickson Leaves Twitter

Marvel's Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has left Twitter, and the firing of James Gunn might have been the final straw.

Derrickson isn't abandoning social media as a whole though, as he will still be on Instagram. It was on that account that he posted an image of the Doctor Strange cast with a story about how the image came about.

Lots of people have left Twitter lately, so it wouldn't be too out of the norm, but Derrickson recently shared the Guardians of the Galaxy cast's signed statement about the firing of James Gunn. He didn't add a caption, but it seems he does support the cast in their stance.

Derrickson also pinned a tweet to his account that reads "twitter is hell", so it seems he's had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the social media platform for a while now. With all the James Gunn stuff hitting full force at the moment, it might have been the catalyst to him finally leaving the service.

The statement from the Guardians of the Galaxy cast reads "We were all shocked by his abrupt firing last week and have intentionally waited these ten days to respond in order to think, pray, listen, and discuss," the statement reads. "In that time, we've been encouraged by the outpouring of support from fans and members of the media who wish to see James reinstated as director of Volume 3 as well as discouraged by those so easily duped into believing the many outlandish conspiracy theories surrounding him."


They also said that we "are not here to defend his jokes of many years ago but rather to share our experience having spent many years together on set making Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2." They added "In casting each of us to help him tell the story of misfits who find redemption, he changed our lives forever," the statement continues. "We believe the theme of redemption has never been more relevant than now."

Doctor Strange is on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital now.