Marvel's What If...? Season 2 Announced

 Ahead of the show's premiere it was previously announced that Marvel's What If….? had already been renewed for a second season by Marvel Studios and now we have an idea of when the next episodes will drop. As part of their extensive list of announcements and reveals for Disney+ day comes the announcement of when fans can expect the series to return, confirming the show will return. One episode that Marvel has already announced will be part of the next season of the series will feature the "prequel" episode about an alternate version of Gamora who kills Thanos and sets out to destroy the Infinity Stones.

Despite being billed as an anthology-style series, Marvel fans shouldn't have been surprised when the first season ended up building toward a serialized story that resulted in an all-new Marvel team, the Guardians of the multiverse. It's unclear if the second season will continue this plot thread and check back in one of the characters that fans got to know in the first batch of episodes, or if it will go back to primarily standalone storylines. One thing is for sure though, Jeffrey Wright's Uatu The Watcher will continue to ponder the question.

Marvel head Kevin Feige previously teased that elements of Marvel's What If…? might make the leap to live-action in the Marvel CInematic Universe as well.

"I really believe the deepening fictional mythologies is a way to appreciate them more, is a way to understand them more, look at them in a different way," Feige said on the episode of Marvel Studios: Assembled about the series. "They've got now two seasons of What If...? ideas underway that's some of the best storytelling we've ever had that you may see spin into other mediums. It's really the most uniquely beautiful animated series I've seen in a long time."

Much of what fans saw in the first season of Marvel's What If…? Stemmed from movies from the first three-phase of programming in the MCU, but with season two we will get to see some alternate universes pulling from the films of Marvel's Phase Four (which so far includes Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Eternals).

"Going into the second season, we're sticking with anthology form, and it's going to be all-new stories, lots of fun, new heroes, and pulling more from Phase Four than we were obviously able to this season," head writer AC Bradley previously told EW. "Hopefully, we'll see hints of Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Black Widow characters. The fun of What If...? is that we get to explore the entire infinite multiverse, so we try and bounce around as much as we can. I want to play with all these characters, and as much as I love Captain Carter, we've got to share the love. I'm very excited to show new worlds, new heroes."

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