Moon Knight Producer Teases the Marvel Hero's "Endless Possibilities" in the MCU

The first Marvel Studios project of 2022 finally arrived on Wednesday morning with the premiere of Moon Knight, the new series starring Oscar Isaac. Not only is Moon Knight one of the most unique and mysterious projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to-date, but it is also the least connected to the rest of the franchise. Unlike many other Marvel titles, Moon Knight largely exists independent of the rest of the MCU. Fans are naturally already wondering what it will look like when Isaac's Moon Knight actually does dip his toes into the rest of the franchise.

There's no telling what Moon Knight could look like working alongside other characters in the MCU. That makes thinking about the possibilities even more exciting. Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis recently spoke with Collider and explained that the possibilities for the character's future are essentially endless.

"What I will say is this: because we delve into so many interesting tones in the tapestry we eventually weave together with this show, the action-adventure globetrotting, the bump in the night horror aspects of it, the mental health character study, the humor, I do think wherever [Marvel President] Kevin [Feige] wants this character to go in the future, I don't think there's any corner in the MCU that that Moon Knight cannot inhabit naturally," Curtis explained. "And that is a testament not only to the character on the page, but the character that Oscar Isaac brings to the screen. I would take this amazing cast with me. And if it can't be this cast in the future: People, and artists-men, and crafts-women, who are at the top of their game, just like Oscar [Isaac], Ethan [Hawke] and May [Calamawy] are. That makes my job so much easier when these actors."

The idea of Moon Knight interacting with just about any character in the MCU, though there are certain heroes who seem like natural fits for Marc Spector's alter ego. Marvel Studios looks to be diving a little bit deeper into the darker magical aspects of Marvel, with characters like Blade and Werewolf by Night on the way. Between those two and the Black Knight, Spector will have plenty of potential new allies to choose from.

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